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Day 8

Today we drove south to a place called Villa Escudero.

Villa Escudero is a plantation and resort for tourists.

We arrived at around lunch time and caught a Caribou ride to the main attraction, which was a man made waterfall, little did we know, we would be eating lunch, not next to the waterfall, not on the waterfall, but IN the waterfall!




After our adventurous lunch we headed to the main hall area where we were presented a lengthy show with traditional dances from all around the different areas of The Phillipines.




After a long day at the Villa we drove back into Makati and had dinner at Bubba Gumps Shrimp Restaurant (for those of you who have seen Forrest Gump you may remember that Bubba Gumps Shrimp played a fair part in the movie)

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Days 6 and 7

Sorry I havent posted in the last few days, its been a tiresome week

Yesterday we started off by travelling to the intramuros site (intra meaning inside and Muros meaning walls)


After that we spent the rest of the day shopping again, later in the evening we went out to the Makati Hard Rock Cafe for dinner and a live band (which was great)

Today we went to the green hills markets and wandered around for the better half of the day, after which we went to the seafood markets and came home to try some authentic thai food!


its really very interesting being around the different cultures, just glancing out onto the street there are homeless people and beggars everywhere, the standard of living over here is severely lower than that of an Australian, weapons are easily accessible over here and there are security guards on every street corner and inside every doorway, all carrying shotguns, machine guns and pistols.

Shop vendors are desperate to sell their items and make a living, so desperate that they essentially harass you, grab your arms and try to talk you into buying their wares.

Oh and did I mention that lady-boys are very common, sometimes you cant see the difference between a lady-boy and a regular lady but sometimes its terribly obvious, so far ive only been propositioned once and hopefully it wont happen again.


Everybody here drives like an absolute maniac, from the taxis to the buses to the motorbikes to the jeepnies, even the regular drivers, safety is of no concern, lines on the roads are sometimes non existent, people dont indicate, people cut people off at every opportunity and not a day goes by without seeing an accident.





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Day's four and five

Yesterday we started our journey early with a drive to the Tagyaytay district to see Taal volcano (also known as the place with an island in a lake in an island in a lake in an island) yes, much inception...



Once we arrived at the base of Taal volcano we hired horses and went on an hour long horse ride up to the summit of the volcano.


The volcano is still active and there are signs of life from underneath, you can see pockets of steam rising from certain spots all over the volcano.

Later in the day we had a long car trip down to one of the most southern points on the western side of the main island of the Phillipines, we stayed the night at a resort called Eagle Point where we managed to get some lovely cottages right on the water.



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Day three

Christmas day

Merry Christmas to everyone!

Today we started the day playing uno and making phone calls to everyone back home using skype, after that we shared all our chrisrmas presents and prepared ourselves to take on the endless buffet lunch at the Shangri La hotel.





After spending the lunch relaxing and eating untold amounts of food, we headed back to the condo on our way to yet another gargantuan shopping mall where we spent the evening wandering around the Samsung Mall


We wrapped up the evening with a quiet stroll around the 5 Glorietta Malls across the road from the condo and a beautiful woodfired pizza dinner.

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Day two

Makati city

semi-overcast 34 °C

Today, after getting some much needed rest we headed to the giant SM shopping centre on Manila Bay.


We ate an incredibly huge lunch at a restaurant called TGI Fridays and Jonathon ordered a rib lunch as big as his forearm!


We spent a few more hours walking around the shopping mall before heading back to the condo for an afternoon of gym and swimming.
in the evening Jonathon wasnt feeling very good so Brittany, Leigh and I went out for dinner at a lovely little Vietnamese restaurant in Bonifacio High Street called Zao.


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